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10 citações de "The Bronze Horseman"

....ou como foi chamado em Portugal: "O Grande Amor da Minha Vida - O Cavaleiro de Bronze"
escrito pela Paullina Simons.

Como já devem ter notado eu amei este livro, dei-lhe nota 10 (bem, nota 5 que é o máximo de estrelas que se podem dar no Goodreads) e apesar de me ter enervado com o Alexander, quero tudo de bom para (quase) todas as personagens do livro.

Bem, para mim, amante de citações, este livro foi uma mina de ouro e então decidi reunir as 10 citações que mais gostei, tentando não deixar passar spoilers, para que vocês que ainda não leram o livro se possam entusiasmar e dizer: "Ena pá, Cat, este livro parece mesmo muito fixe!"
(se já o leram, podem sempre voltar a mergulhar em algumas das melhores frases do livro!)

Sem mais demoras, as 10 frases que fizeram o meu coração bater mais  forte e a minha pele ficar arrepiar, são:


“Ask yourself these three questions, Tatiana Metanova, and you will know who you are. Ask: What do believe in? What do you hope for? What do you love?”


“What will you say about me to your next girl?” He grinned.

“I’ll say that you had perfect breasts.”

“Stop it.”

“That you had young, perky, incredible breasts with the biggest, most sensitive cherry nipples …” he said, climbing on top of her and holding up her legs high against his arms. “And lips for the gods, and eyes for kings. I will say,” Alexander whispered hotly, pushing himself inside her and groaning, “that you felt like nothing else on this earth.”


“Alexander, were you looking for me?" "All my life.”


“They had no past. They had no future. They just were.”


“Alexander — there is one place I’m comforted. I wake up there, and I go to sleep there; I am at peace there, and loved there: your subsuming arms.”


"How did you get here?”

“All part of my plan, Alexander.”

“What plan is this, Tatiana?” 

She whispered, “To be with you when I die of old age. 


“Alexander, my nights, my days, my every thought. You will fall away from me in just a while, won’t you, and I’ll be whole again, and I will go on and feel for someone else, the way everybody does. 

But my innocence is gone forever.”


“I don't want to die," whispered Marina, "and not feel just once what you feel." She struggled for her breath, "Just once in my life, Tania!"

"Tanechka..." she whispered. "What does it feel like?"

Tatiana continued to gently caress Marina's forehead.

"It feels," she whispered, "as if you're not alone.”


“Someday we’ll meet in Lvov, my love and I.”


"My love, my dear, dear Shura,

 I think of Dasha. (...) But her face is not the last face I see before I sleep. Yours is. You are my hand grenade, my artillery fire. You have replaced my heart with yourself. Are you thinking of me with your rifle in your hands? What do we do? How do we keep you from dying? These thoughts consume my waking minutes. What can I do from here to keep you alive? Dead or wounded, those Soviets will leave you in the field.

 Who is going to heal you if you fall? Who is going to bury you if you die? Bury you like you deserve—with kings and heroes.

Yours, Tatiana.”

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